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You may be looking for satisfaction.

You may be looking for the perfect gift.

Or it may just be the curiosity that drives you.


Whatever it is, we believe your new hobby should be beer brewing. At home.


The home brew scene missed some good old traditional quality. As true beer enthusiasts we decided to curate your ultimate traditional home brew experience, and which beer scene is more significant than the Belgian ? The Belgian beer tradition goes back to the first crusaders of the 12th century, when beer was so perfectly crafted, it was preferred over water. They don’t need much and don’t bother bragging, but from the bustling streets of Antwerp and Brussels to the tranquil nature of the Ardennes, no true Belgian misses the after work beer session. And it’s this beer over water mentality that we want to bring to your household.


Venturing deep into the Burgundian Belgian culture, attentively researching their century old brewing process, and carefully selecting a variety of biological cereals inspired by age old father to son recipes, we managed to scale down the Belgian beer culture into a complete home brew starter pack.


So we ask you. What is a better present to yourself, or a loved one, than the experience of reliving century old tradition, together? And the best thing about it : after the experimental and playful production process you are rewarded with… BEER.



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