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MIX Cereals for home brew beer GINGER SPICY 5L

Refill of one bag of Malt-Cereal & Hop Blend for a 5 litre "home brew", choice of GINGER SPICY beer. Does not include all the brewing equipment, but only the blends, hops & spices, disinfectants, yeast needed and instructions for use.


A sweet and delicious ginger beer mix that comes in a light and a spicy version. Both versions are alcoholic like all good Belgian beers. Start homebrewing something sweet, start homebrewing Ginger beer.


See the promotional bottles pack, syrup TBB and possible Malt refills.

MIX Cereals for home brew beer GINGER SPICY 5L

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Malt refill
Reuse your HOMEMADE KIT (DIY) with a Malt blend refill
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