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Beer is in Our Blood: The Guys Behind the Beer

Hello Beer Brewers!

My name is Matthew and to be honest, nothing prepared me to enter the world of beer. My business partner and I started three years ago when we were inspired to bring traditional Belgian beer into our home. We thoroughly enjoy everything about beer: the diverse tastes, the poignant aromas, the glorious foam. We wanted to experiment with making our own beer, but found that it was a difficult process and that there was nothing on the market that really suited European beer lovers like us.

After researching the history of brewing and experimenting with the old school and the new school of beer making, we went all in on brewing and created the The Belgian Brewery.

Our goal is to give everybody the chance to make great brews in their homes, so you can get a first hand experience, experiment and play with your homebrew. The beer kit itself has everything you need and the traditional cereals are of the highest quality, as we are continuously banging our heads together with Belgian beer labs to create the best tasting recipes.

But The Belgian Brewery is not only about beer and homebrew, it is about the values of conviviality and friendship because we believe beer is a social experience to be enjoyed with your friends and family. Cheers!

Traditional brew made by you.

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