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Beer of The Month: Obama's Honey Ale

We have known for a long time: you are quite awesome if you brew your own stew. Our worldwide community grows every day and has some impressive members, such as Thomas Jefferson. However, Jefferson was the first, but not the only presidential brewer. This month we introduce you to the White House Honey Ale, brewed by the one and only: Barrack Obama.

The White House Honey Ale has been produced since 2011 in, yes you guessed it, the White House. Using his personal funds, the president bought the necessary ingredients and brewing kit. Crafted with the homemade honey off the White House grounds, the taste is said to be an ice-cold sweet refreshment. While we are proud to have Obama as a beer bro, a country does not run itself. The president has admitted that the brewing process is mostly conducted by the White House chef Sam Kass.

So the question remains: how do I get my hands on this presidential brew? Exactly what the American brewing community thought when they found out president was fermenting. The hunt for the recipe started. Begging for the formula was not the solution: the ingredients remained a secret. It was home brewer - and lawyer by day time - Scott Talkov who decided it was his god damn right to drink the presidential brew too. Filling in the Freedom of Information Law (a law that allows disclosure of classified information), he demanded to know the secret. And he was not the only one to take extreme measures. Multiple Freedom of Information laws were submitted. And their wish was granted.

For the sake of transparency, recipe of the Honey Ale and the Honey Porter are open for any experimental and curious home brewer. Expectations are high and the opinions vary. Overall there seems to be a preference for the Porter of the the Ale, the latter is often discussed as being too sweet. Furthermore there seem to be some flaws in the recipe. So, we advise you to take on the challenge! Check out the official recipe here. Other helpful user experiences can be found here, and here.

And just as any other true brewer, Obama, too, serves up a batch when his friends come by. When Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer request was honored to drink a beer with the American president, he was invited to enjoy the home-brewed gold.

Do it the easy way and buy the pre-mixed Obama's Honey Ale Cereal.

Good luck brewing! We are expecting our presidential The Belgian Brewery kit any time now.

Traditional brew, made by you.

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