How Beer Saved the World !

If you do not know the infamous beer documentary ”How Beer Saved the World,” it’s about time you hear about this narrative masterpiece. Produced by the Discovery Channel, this documentary beautifully discovers the importance of brewing throughout human history.

What started as an accident in the Middle-East 11.000 years ago became the main motivational factor for the human species to evolve. When we were all just hunter-gatherers and had no idea of the wonderful world of homebrewed beer, somebody supposedly forgot a jar of barley outside, and with extreme luck and perfect weather conditions, the first beer was cooked up. Some scientist even argued that the change from hunter-gatherer to farming happened because people wanted to domesticate barley, so they could make more delicious homebrew, a which theory The Belgian Brewery passionately supports.

And the importance of beer continued to grow as it became the main currency in ancient Egypt. A very different brew from what we drink today indeed, but still beer with 3% alcohol, and lots of good vitamins to keep people both strong and happy. The workers that build the pyramids were even paid in beer, so you might say that that ancient Egypt was founded on homebrew.

The documentary keeps giving quite brilliant examples of how beer had its say in a lot of essential historical events. Beer cured the Black Death, fuelled the American Revolution, and wiped out child labour in America, just to name a few. So if you have not watched this wonderful documentary, it will no doubt leave you knowing that beer is a natural miracle.

Watch “How Beer Saved the World” by Discovery Channel.

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