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We believe there is no better way to connect people than with traditional quality beer.


we offer an overall service (traditional kit) including original products (specific kit and accessories)

strictly selected malts, yeast, spices and hop in Europe and in the selected sending countries. Organic Malts of French origin for specific blends

Cereals Blend without alcohol, but excessive drinking of beer is dangerous for the health, to drink in moderation.

order taking and expedition the same day, fast delivery according to transporters.

Tutorial, assistance and customer service

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Why I should make beer ?

We think you should brew because there's nothing better than inviting friends over, giving them a beer, and saying "I made this !"


Kit Brassage de bière maison AMBREE 5L - 15 bouteilles 33cl


Kit brassage bière BLONDE 5L - 15 bouteilles 33 cl

Kit de brassage Bière Miel + 15 bouteilles de 33 cl

The Belgian beer tradition goes back to the first crusaders of the 12th century, when beer was so perfectly crafted, it was preferred over water. Through the turmoil of the following centuries, the peaceful Belgians suffered the consequences of multiple wars. However, there was one thing that always remained sacred in the daily social life of any true Belgian: beer.


They don’t need much and don’t bother bragging, but from the bustling streets of Antwerp and Brussels to the tranquil nature of the Ardennes from Burgundian states, no true Belgian misses the after work beer session. Refreshing the traditional brews with experimental concoctions, the choices are endless and only one rule counts: beer is never drunk alone.


The Belgian Brewery offers you this authentic Burgundian experience at home. By compressing this lively culture in one mirco brew kit, we bring traditional Belgian brewing to you.

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